Friday, December 28, 2012

iBooks Author

Yesterday I began teaching myself the iBooks Author program using the simple expedient of using it. Two books were transferred over - one a short book of poetry called The River, and the other my ongoing multimedia something or other called 'The Man who fell from the Sky".

I previewed The River and liked what i saw very much indeed.

The program was engineered by Apple to provide a multimedia platform to write textbooks mainly to be read on the iPad - a smart business move probably, but also consonant with Apple's goals to make software that works easily and produces good, professional content. So far so good, despite my unorthodox goals for this program!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Magazines & eBooks

Digital Book World recently published a piece on magazines both competing with and collaborating with legacy publishers in the production of Ebooks. To me, this seems a natural fit. In the day of black type on white paper, magazines offered colour and design to print. So I am not surprised they would move into eBooks - especially multimedia. I wonder if traditional publishers can keep up?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another morning

Well, another morning after a night I didn't sleep much. I am in the middle of grading final exams. I am grateful for the work and the lack of financial stress! But.... I think I may never write again. I am simply too tired.

I've read all the stories of writers who get up pre-dawn so they can work before their daily duties begin. All I can feel are the swirling clouds of weariness. Were they just tales? No matter, no doubt I will write again at some point.

Oh, good morning!